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Homer: Marge! How many kids do we have? Oh, no time to count, I'll just estimate! Uh... nine!

Marge: Homer, you know we don't h--

Homer: Shut up, shut up! If I don't hear you it's not illegal!


Chief Wiggum: Uh, no, you've got the wrong number. This is 9-1.... 2.


Marge: "Lisa, some people will tell you that its foolish to think you can change a man, but those women are just quitters! When I met your father, he was fat, stupid, and insensitive, and now: he's a whole new person!"

Lisa: "Uh... mom?"



Homer: You mean you're never going to eat lamb?

Lisa: no

Homer: What about Ham? Bacon? Porkchops?

Lisa: DAD they all come from the same animal!!

Homer: hehehe, sure lisa, a wonderful, MAGICAL animal

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När Marge säger till homer att han gjorde nån människa glad(kommer inte ihåg ur viulken situation det var)


Oh, lokk I make people happy. Så fortsätter han att vara mycket ironisk och stänger sedan dörren om sej och öppnar den efter någon sekund och säger:


And by the way I way Ironic.

kul. :cool2:

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Det var väl från det där avsnittet där Homer blir ledare i sekten Stenhuggarna.

Annars gillar jag avsnittet när alla börjar tro på en ny religion i Springfield förutom Marge, pastor Lovejoy och vaktmästaren Willie som tillsammans lyckas rädda Bart, Lisa och sedan Homer och Ned Flanders ur den religionen.

Obs! det kan vara homer som inte var smitad och vice verca, namnen kan vara ihopblandade!!

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En rolig parallell till Pulp Fiction:


Lou: I went to the McDonalds over in Shelbyville the other day.

Chief Wiggum: The Mc-what?

Lou: Yeah, I never heard of it either but they say they have over 2000 locations in this state alone.

Eddie: Hmm...Must've sprung up over night.

Lou: But you know, its the little differences.

Chief Wiggum: Example?

Lou: Well at a McDonalds you can get a Krusty Burger with cheese. But they don't call it a Krusty Burger with cheese.

Chief Wiggum: Get out! What do they call it?

Lou: A quarter pounder with cheese.

Chief Wiggum: Quarter pounder with cheese...well I can see the cheese but? Hey, do they have Krusty's Partially Gelatinated Gum-Based beverages?

Lou: Yeah, they call them 'shakes.'

Eddie: *Pfft* 'Shakes.' You don't know what you're gettin'.

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  • Filmstar

Här är de flesta paraleller till Star Wars i oliak Simpsonsavsnitt:


[7G05] Among Bart's list of cool wars is the Star Wars Trilogy.

[7F04] In the second THOH segment "Hungry are the Damned," as Lisa snoops around, the ship and music bring to mind the halls of the Death Star, and Luke Skywalker's theme from "Star Wars: A New Hope."

[7F17] Darth Vader waits in the queue of people attempting to win Abe's money. {dh}

[8F10] Homer and Marge go to see "The Empire Strikes Back".

[8F10] Homer says to Marge, "Marge, you're as pretty as Princess Leia, and as smart as Yoda."

[8F22] Milhouse has an X-Wing poster.

[8F23] Intro. sequence of Homer's trip on the Spinemelter 3000 depicts a sort of hyper space jump, ala "Star Wars." {dh}

[9F02] One of the caricatures at the school festival is of Darth Vader. {dh}

[9F02] One of Lisa's hairstyles is modelled on Princess Leia. {dh}

[9F03] A landspeeder-type vehicle cruises past Homer and Bart in the future. {bg}

[9F05] The Empire Strikes Back music (Imperial March) plays as Burns observes his monitors. {dh}

[9F09] Homer sort of does a Princess Leia impression while on the table. {dh}

[9F10] Mayor Quimby says to Leonord Nimoy, "May the Force be with you." {dh}

[9F10] Homer's monorail suit is patterned after Darth Vader's. {dh}

[1F02] Burns' escape pod.

[1F16] A THX trailer is so loud it shatters glasses, teeth, and heads to the astonishment and appreciation of a packed house of moviegoers. {bg}

[1F17] Ralph has the original Star Wars action figures, still in their packaging.

[2F14] "Use the ballet!" in reference to "Use the Force!"

[2F21] The Star Wars music is played by the orchestra.

[2F31] The Empire Strikes Back music (Imperial March) plays during int. shot of Burns' office. {dh}

[2F32] Darth Vader, as a cloud, appears and says, "Luke, I am your father." {hl}

[3F02] The potato bug fumigator guy sounds a lot like Darth Vader.

[3G01] Chewbacca is in the line-up, and is seen at the end of the episode.

[4F02] The mini-ships in the second THOH7 segment "The Genesis Tub" attacking Bart is similar to the Death Star attack.

[4F02] The tubes in the third THOH7 segment "Citizen Kang" in which Dole and Clinton are held in suspended animation are very similar to the Bacta Tank from "The Empire Strikes Back."

[4F05] There's a Darth Vader mask in the mask shop. {nh}

[4F08] Bart whistles like R2-D2.

[5F02] Freak Mr. Burns -- Notice the black hood, white pale face, and the line, "Now you will die," Close to, "And now young Jedi, you will die." {nl}

[5F10] A cafe called Java the Hut (in reference to Jabba the Hutt).

[5F13] The logo on the "Mars" part of the Knowledgeum uses the same font as in the "Star Wars" logo.

[5F13] The sperm gun in "Let's Make a Baby" is patterned against the laser cannons on the Millenium Falcon. {dm}

[5F22] In addition to the BB gun that Nelson selects, one of the prizes that can be earned with enough tickets at the Family Fun Center arcade is an X-Wing Fighter toy model.

[AABF05] Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) appears in this episode ("Who put the 'star' in Star Wars?").

[AABF05] A wrestling match: "The mighty robots of Battlestar Gallactica verses the gay robots of Star Wars."

[AABF05] C-3P0's head flies by.

[AABF05] Chewbacca at the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con door.

[AABF05] Database: "Daaah, talk about Star Wars!"

[AABF05] "Use the forks!", cf. "Use the Force!".

[AABF06] Comic Book Guy's bumper sticker "My other car is the Millenium Falcon," given to him by a Harrison Ford look-alike.

[AABF19] Along with "The Poke of Zorro" and other films playing at the Googolplex Theater is "My Dinner with Jar Jar," A reference to Jar Jar Binks from The Phantom Menace.

[AABF21] The famous Hildebrandt Brothers "Star Wars" poster of Leia, Luke and his outstretched lightsaber is seen at Planet Springfield.

[bABF01] The Collector wants Lucy Lawless to call him Obi-Wan. {tr}

[bABF01] The Collector using Darth Maul's lightsaber. {jk}

[bABF18] Patty and Selma quip "The bitterness is strong in this one" upon hearing Lisa's opinion of men, a reference to "The Force is strong in this one" as remarked by Darth Vader about Luke while in the Death Star trench.

[CABF08] Martin Prince's mother presents a box containing a handwritten script for Star Wars by George Lucas, Princess Leia's anti-jiggle breast tape, and a film reel labeled "Alternate ending: Luke's Father is Chewbacca" to Comic Book Guy, who, in return, offers five dollars.

[CABF09] Duffman's hesitation and looking back and forth between Homer and Henry K. Duff VIII, finally lifting his boss over his head and throwing him over the fence recalls Darth Vader's pensive moment in "Return of the Jedi," looking back and forth between his son Luke and his master, Emperor Palpatine, finally lifting the Emperor over his head and throwing him into the Death Star II's chasm.

[CABF19] In the first THOH12 segment, "Hex and the City," Yoda is the minister for the Gypsy and Leprechaun wedding ceremony, proclaiming their marital union in his usual clause-first speech pattern.

[DABF01] When the family is forced to stay indoors because of the acid rain, one of the myriad versions of Special-Themed Monopoly games the family owns is "Star Wars Monopoly."

[DABF04] Comic Book Guy's bedroom is bristling with Star Wars items, including a picture of Yoda, signed portraits of Mark Hamill in both "Star Wars: A New Hope" and "Return of the Jedi" outfits, Star Wars bedding, Chewbacca pajamas, and a Jar-Jar Binks doll which he clutches in bed and tells "Oh Jar Jar, everyone hates you but me."

[DABF12] After Homer was nearly arrested for impersonating Forrest Gump, a deep-voiced black man was seen in the paddy wagon in a Darth Vader costume with helmet in hand (not James Earl Jones, but rather Dr. Hibbert) who said "Moe, I am your father (chuckle)," in reference to Jones' voice acting for Darth Vader.

[DABF12] A musical sagway during Homer's Celebrity Roast marks the third time John Williams' Imperial March was used to introduce the tyrannical Mr. Burns (the other instances were in 9F05 and 2F31).

[DABF17] Homer explains: "I've trick or treated at many of your homes, last year I was Jar Jar Binks."

[DABF19] The first THOH13 segment "Send in the Clones," features a clone army of Homers. Both the title of this segment and the idea of a clone force of Homers is a nod to "Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones," which was released just months before this episode aired. "Attack of the Clones" introduced Star Wars fans to an army of identical Clone Trooper shock troops.

[EABF10] While Homer was trying to figure out how to take over the SNPP, he starts marking down all the hazards as Lenny and Carl begin fighting with radioactive Plutonium rods, using them like lightsabers (complete with sound effects). Lenny proclaims, "The Phantom Menace sucked more!" While Carl argues, "Attack of the Clones sucked more!"

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Bland det bästa i simpsons måste nog ändå vara när Homer har sina konversationer med hjärnan, alltid lika kul.



Homer: Oh, twenty dollars. I wanted a peanut.

Homer's Brain: Twenty dollars can buy many peanuts.

Homer: Explain how.

Homer's Brain: Money can be exchanged for goods and services.

Homer: Woo-hoo!

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